Sunday, February 23, 2020

ordinary planet

I'm hoping, if space allows, to include some pieces from ordinary planet in the upcoming FUTURE TENSE show.  ordinary planet, my little steampunk inspired series,  is so much about a post-apocalyptic world where society has regressed to victorian morality and spiritualism.  I have to admit, things like Handmaid's Tale were very much on my mind as i was working on the text portions. It's also a little sci-fi, since it envisions a future non-earth based civilization, not progressive, but regressive.

"The world as we knew it was and then was not. 
Men fiddled the machines into a frenzy 
and still the city blackened and blitzed like a roman candle."

Eventually the text pieces will be part of my automagic manuscript, which is about 2/3 completed., which creates it own little reality and victorian-steeped world   This project actually came significantly after the poems that form little apocalypse, but between this and extinction event series, you would think I write way too much about the end of the world and I probably do.  Between climate change and nuclear anxieties when a complete idiot is in the vicinity of the trigger, I can't say its something I don't think about often. (and this does not even include weird diseases and zombie plagues).

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