Friday, October 15, 2021

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spell for the wicked 

Blessed be the exes. Sex damp and wasted. Fastened into feathers and plump with whiskey. The sticky bar back with his twisted fingers. Double fisted archivists and mad chauffers. Real estate brokers and floaters. The grifter with his busted spine, a line of stitches sewn up the back of him and stuffed with rags we set fire to one by one over the city.  Everything was burning sometimes, the building a block over that turned the sky black as a headache.  You were so sick and so lovely when the ashes found you, settling over your dark coat. Floating over the river.  The construction worker had no furniture, so you fucked on the floor. Harbored windswept spaces in all your cavities. The vending machine owner who bent you over the couch in his highrise. The city lit up outside like a circuit board. 

read it here..

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#31daysofhalloween | archer avenue

The Willowbrook Ballroom is sadly no more and it's been forever since she's made an appearance out on Archer, but my little series of Resurrection Mary poems from way back in 2005 is still a lot of ghosty fun...

notes & things | 10/9/2021

Last night, I slept with the window open and the fan on, instead choosing to burrow deeper under my comforter rather than get up to turn it off.  The weather in general seems not sure if it wants to be warm or cool, and we've had a string of mild, but weirdly humid days. It seems warm for this far into October, but the trees have in most cases taken on a tinge of yellow at the very least (even the tenacious one outside my window) and already some are losing their leaves.  In a week, we'll be mid-month, and Octobers are always a little crazy for me. This week brings hanging a physical exhibit, building another online one for faculty work, and presenting a session on zines and DEI at the end of it.  Though for the past two years, I am always grateful I am not at the same time trying to move the studio as I was in 2019, or that my mother was not slowly dying (as it was in 2017) so I'm good. By November and the holidays things seem to settle down at least in the library exhibits/event arena.

In press and art news, things are getting underway in layouts of 2020 holdovers and the final releases for this year.  I''ve also made it through the first round of reading submissions, so am giving what I haven't passed on and may accept another round of reading. I'm hoping to finish by the end of the month so I can spend November entirely on orders and releases, since there is usually a slight holiday uptick--not so much in books, but other shop things. My experiment in outsourcing the printing on some of the cover printing  is going well. I haven't yet transitioned completely, but will get there, at least on new releases. It has saved me much printer angst, especially on the more color-intensive ones. (ir huge swathes of dark colors and black that like to streak and get lines on my printer.)  The quality on them is equal to my Lexmark I used to have in the studio, though that was the most ridiculously expensive toner to keep up.  The price differential is minimal (about a $1 more) and the quality is really nice. I also have some new shop offerings I have supplies for and am finally getting to in the next couple of weeks. 

After winding up the spell poems (and you will be seeing those sooner than you think in zine form *spoiler*) I actually did something last week I had not done in over 20 years, which was finish a piece of fiction--horror fiction at that.  It still needs some work, but it isn't half bad.  I also started another story. This week was filled with early and late starts, so my daily writing schedule went to shit, but I'm going to work a bit on them in the mornings in the time I usually devote to poems and we'll see what happens. I still feel like i am ill-suited for the genre as I ever was, but maybe it's not terminal. The sort of world-building that one gets to do in fiction is very pleasurable for me, so it's something. Also, what month is more appropriate for writing ghost stories than October?

On a visual front, I did finish the final version of my black-velvet pieces (they are really faux velvet, created with vintage images on paper and some very tricky flocking). I'll be exhibiting them in the Bad Art exhibit debuting at the end of the week. I also want to make some Halloween collages for patreon again, as well as finish up some shorter poem/film things on the burner. My latest addiction is making spooky instagram reels, for both my instagram and the Library's, which lately feels like a form of self-care I badly need, so definitely watch for more of those--some artful and some just pure silliness.   

Friday, October 08, 2021

#31daysofhalloween | plump

My little zine retelling of the Hansel & Gretel Story can be read here.

Thursday, October 07, 2021

#31daysofhalloween | alternative facts


"After all, /  everything's a catastrophe when you're knee deep in machinery. 

Everything monstrous when you're a monster. / America like a spider in its mechanical web / while the markets grew fat and fell. "

If anyone has heard me read via zoom or spotted anything I've published in journals in the last year or so , my pride and joy has been this little series of poems based on tabloid headlines of yore, which seemed to be the perfect subject matter in an era an fake news and other nonsense. Since they are filled with monsters (both real and metaphorical) this month seemed the perfect time to pull them together into an e-zine as a #31daysofhalloween offering to the poetry gods. 

You can read it here.