Friday, February 28, 2020

notes & things | 2/29/2020

Another week down and now we're cresting March, which at least means my mental state will be improving.  Sometimes I feel mired down in drudgery and yet there are good things,,including the final layout on the poet's zodiac, submitting my NEA application, and curating the Future Tense exhibit that we will be hanging this week. Otherwise the week has been some zine talks and workshops, and a lot of hiring committee business, marathon phone interviews and the like. This weekend, outside of a Saturday shift, I ill be working on books most of it and maybe even get around to some other artwork.

The news, is troubling, of course, more than usual and I'm not sure whether to be annoyed or concerned over corona virus coverage.  I realize, as someone who lives in a major urban area and rides public trans, works at a college, it's not as simple as avoiding crowds if it turns out to be a dangerous thing. I can wash my hands and try not to get sick like I do any other winter, but it's not like you can just avoid people. I have a pretty sound immune system as long as I'm getting enough rest, so am less worried about it killing me off, but still it's troublesome with a society fundamentally trending toward the lowest denominatior and ripe with misinformation.

Meanwhile. maybe a little spring will lessen the spread. I could certainly deal with not freezing everytime I step outside.  As I mentioned, we've been lucky, but it's been a little bitter the past week or so, mitigated only by some occasional sunlight filled days that get warmer. Next week is another moderately busy one, so things down't calm down til mid month, but by then, we should have some good weather.

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