Thursday, February 02, 2017

Tonight, I sent off the very first pieces of the new project to a couple of journals..the one no one has seen as of yet, the one that's making me a little self-conscious in its more personal subject matter. Coming off the last bigger project, which was the Plath centos (which I will talk a little about in due time more in depth), which had a little more distance obviously, both in language and subject matter, this is more in the vein of MCMF or the James Franco poems. It's more autobiographical in a recognizeable way and it kind of freaks me out. What's interesting is that what merely started out as a series of fragments/prose poems/mini essays on love poetry, have expanded to become a little bit more social comment, and about as political as my work tends to get. It's a weird time, I suppose, and these two things are just converging in my mind and flowing into one another.

The series tenatively titled HOW TO WRITE A LOVE POEM IN A TIME OF WAR is humming along at a steady clip and I have about 25 of them and more forming at the back of my brain. It could be a book, or a longer chapbook of some sort, we'll see.  It started as a Valentine, a love letter, a personal history, but is becoming something much more.

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