Friday, February 03, 2017

friday frivolity | oh the 90's

I tend to save many of my shorter dresses & skirts  for the winter season when I'll be wearing tights, mostly since I don't like having to constantly make sure my ass isn't showing in the sort of wind updrafts and downdrafts that haunt Chicago year round.   I have many babydoll cut dresses that work well with tights and boots and have lately been indulging my 90's nostalgia with things like burgundy velvet, small ditzy florals, and lace up boots.  While my actual 90's attire tended toward loose flannels and worn sweatshirts over leggings or jeans  and the occasional long hippy skirt as the 90's wore on (ala Friends) I like to think these are the sort of clothes I might have coveted were I were not in my early 20s and very poor. (and also doomed to stage set endless messy painting while I was in college.) 
Beyond getting the shoulder right this looks   like there wouldn't be much crazy fitting.:

I'm particularly loving rich fabrics--the velvets, the waffle knit dresses, the furs and flannels that dominated the decade, as well as the smaller, more winter/fall florals.  Granted vintage was having a hayday then, so a good amount of 90's fashion is actually earlier decades in disguise, particularly 30's, 40's and 70's, but there are certain lines and looks that seem definitively 90's. kind of makes me want to dig out my Hole CDs and dance around the apartment wearing fishnets and Doc Martens (but I probably won't.) 

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