Wednesday, February 01, 2017

We are finally getting a little bit of sun this week after an apparently historic stretch of cloudy days.  I'm not sure if it changes my mood, but I do know it's a little less brutal rolling out of bed, even mid-morning, when there is a bit more light outside. I've been about my usual business of chapbook layouts and assembly in the studio and so far am rolling smoothly through my week, though I'm getting that twitchy feeling when I don't get enough time to get any writing done, but hopefully I can remedy that by week's end.

In other art news, I will be scanning a whole bunch of new watercolors and getting ready to mat some for the shop, as well as adding some prints I've been hording since last spring and almost forgot about.  Also some smaller canvases and the framed Unusual Creatures pieces that are being stored currently under my desk at the library (where I am amazed they have not yet gotten broken.)  Things are getting a bit unruly in the studio as well, so I'll be probably doing a sale,  trying to unload older stuff. This week, I also managed to get the ghost landscape collages into the shop finally after matting and bagging them a few months back but there is still so much I am behind on.

I really need to get back to having monthly open studios, but it gets hard with my library schedule usually keeping me til 8pm on Fridays (at which point the last thing I want to do is deal with the public and try to sell stuff when I am already kind of drained from working all day.)  I feel like I do better selling art in person, much more so than online, and maybe its the impulse buy factor--especially with less expensive things like prints and notecards. .  Before anything, I also need to restock a lot of the paper goods and accessory stuff--so maybe in the summer when I get out of work a little earlier in the evening.

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