Monday, October 12, 2015

As I mentioned in my previous post, much is afoot in the visual arena, including some pieces up in the Columbia Alumni on 5 Show (see above) and some zine projects on display in the Words|Matter show @ Art on Elston (below).  I've also been working on the reminder of the Unusual Creatures pieces made from old cabinet cards that will be going up as my contribution to the our Creepy Curiosities exhibit (which also incldes some dgp poets and an interactive installation involving creepy artifacts (real and faux).  I've also been working on some amazing dgp covers I can't wait to show you...

I've been making a concentrated effort to get more artwork out there, both into the world and just out of my hands.  A lot of it is design work, either for the press, or for the library, but there has been some collages, some watercolors (both paints and pencils, which are my new love.)  That said, while I've done a little clean up on the dirty blonde pieces, not much has been happening with the manuscripts in progress.  The scary thing is I sometimes feel like the writing goes away so far that I am almost relieved with the thought of it not coming back.  It does, eventually something moves, something catches my fancy, and I can't not persue it.  But NOT being a writer sometimes feels like a a good space to inhabit.  There is always that quote about writers HAVING to write, that you shouldn't unless you feel absolutely compelled to do nothing else.  I can think of a million things I would rather do than write sometimes--paint something, make something, read something. Go somewhere, do something, eat something. Sleep, which I have named chief among pleasures and indulgences lately--more than sex, and definitely much more than words.

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