Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Today was one of those dark clouded over fall days where it's really hard to pull yourself from the warm bed, so it was a late and disorganized start to the day, but I did manage to finish the framing I was doing in the studio and turned my attention to filling a batch of orders ready to go out.  It definitely feels like fall now, the leaves having given up the ghost and most changing if not already falling. They've put the wooden erosion fences up along the beaches so I suppose there is no going back. Mid October already and today I spent some time doing some catch up on layouts (we are always behind on releases by fall, so actually compared to some years, I'm ahead of the game.)  We released Carrie Bennett's third dgp chap as well, The Affair Fragments.  I always feel fortunate that we have a strong stable of repeat authors and there are more of them to come, both this year and next.  My other task has been working my way through the remainder of July submissions and sending responses.  I still have August, which includes the swell that came in right before the deadline, but I've definitely made a dent in them.  I was hoping to have everything cleared out before the end of this month, but that might be more like the end of November.

The remainder of this week is plotting out our Creepy Curiosities exhibit which needs to be up by the end of next week, as well as fine tuning more details on our other Aesthetics events coming up in November and December.  I've been trying to focus on one major thing each weekday (well, the press gets two days..Tuesday and Thursday, but Aesthetics biz on Wednesdays, Art on Mondays, and Writing on Fridays.  (though my Fridays keep getting eaten by other days, so I might have to rethink that. )

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