Sunday, October 04, 2015

We've hit the first cool snap of the season, with voracious howling winds that last for three days and not only moan outside my windows all night, but send serious waves crashing in off the water that speak more to the Atlantic than Lake Michigan.  Except for those rare trees that change suddenly and drop all their leaves in early September, everything else only has that slight tinge of yellow to it that foretells the fall colors.

Again, I have been remiss in my blogging, and time itself seems this whirling, howling thing I can't quite get a handle on. In the two weeks since my last post much has happened, including a great reading at Women & Children first w/ Carleen Tibbetts and Sara Henning, hosting an awesome reading with LGBTQ authors for the History Week Kickoff in the library, and the launch of ARTCACHE (which has already had some participants come through.)  In library-land, plans are afoot for other Aesthetics adventures--the revival of Unusual Creatures pieces for our Halloween exhibit,  participation in  The Gathering Halloween parade, prep for the Indie Press event in November, possibly another How To Tuesday workshop thrown in for good measure in November.  We're also plotting things for spring semester (all of which makes my day job drudgery much less about drudgery and more about fun...)

Along the way, there are art projects I'm contemplating, writing projects I am stuck in the middle of (I'm trying not to get freaked about this because I seem to be living in  very visual state of mind these days and my efforts are pointed in that direction more than words.)  There's the dirty blonde poems, the apocalypse manuscript, a short series on a Dali Painting-- All waiting for me to get back to them. Plus prep for the upcoming book due out in the spring, which I've been talking cover ideas (it is going to be AMAZING) and blurb gathering.  We're gearing up for a slew of releases of in-progress books for dgp, as well as getting the mermaid anthology ironed out and submissions for next year under wraps.  It's all overwhelming, but the good kind of overwheming, the kind that has the gears turning constantly.

I'm still trying to preserve the sanctity of weekend time, however, staying close to home and relaxing, watching Netflix, maybe a little artmaking (well, except last weekend where I was doomed to the library.)  I think a little downtime makes sure I can dive in and get shit done for the week more efficiently.

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