Thursday, November 13, 2014

three fall obsessions

Despite my dislike of pending winter, there is one aspect of fall I do occasionally (okay rabidly) enjoy. There's something I love about the textures of fall--sweaters, corduroy, flannel.   And of course, boots, which while they're bound to wear out their welcome come March, are still rather novel right now.

Corduroy coats & jackets. 

While there's only a brief window in which they are appropriate (ie after I've cast off cardigans  but before I've gotten out the winter wools,) I love these and have several of various cuts and colors. My fave is probably a teal 3/4 length one, but I recently procured one not unlike the one above.

mossy green and teal.

I'm usually a girl who pairs colors with only neutrals, but I love this combo, especially in knits.  I'm currently searching for something similar to this outfit, or at least something like that sweater.

FALL 2014: Plaid Dresses

plaid dresses & skirts.

At least 70 percent  of the new dresses/skirts  I've been buying this fall have been plaids.  I love them in warmer weather, but they especially seem suited to fall, especially in deep, sort of rustic colors like these.

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