Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I started this entry a week ago and then everything tipped sideways and I lost the thread.  Mostly I am muddling through, working on press business, trying to jam too many manuscripts into next year's schedule, and beginning to look at edits for major characters, whose release is aimed for December. ..It's full on fall, now, the last few leaves hanging on straggly trees and I've been indulging horror movie marathons and occasional chocolate binging in preparation for Halloween (for which I will be, in the 1950's theme we agreed upon at work-- dressing as a beatnik, complete with turtleneck and beret and long cigarette holder.)  Halloween makes me all nostalgic for childhood especially, those trick r treat expeditions and the ensuing aftermath of zombie movies and getting to stay up as late as we wanted, no matter if it was a school night (no doubt high from all that sugar.)  Of course, Halloween as a grownup usually means booze and parties, which will be happening again (or on week nights any other year for the last few, working in the library on the actual day.)   But there's something lost in that transition to adulthood, somehow....

I am also knee deep in the hotel poems, as well as maybe toe deep in the text that will accompany the strange machine collages in the next zine project, all about atomic energy and pinup girls and 1950's false nostalgia, which I am hoping to have wrapped up in the next week.  Also, another visually oriented project with the botanical paintings and some found text I'll be finishing in November.

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