Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So another week following another 2-day weekend shift in the library and I really made some progress on my own work, including fine tuning the final adjustments on ghost landscapes and some serious writing progress on the creepy motel project, which is turning out to be sort of novel-like, but in this case collaged together from all sorts of things like letters and postcards and news clipping and journal notes.  It is also a story within a story, or maybe more like a ghost story within a ghost story. Yesterday had me frantically googling things like "grisly hotel murders" and "1950s cigarettes smoke by women" and "route 66 motels", all the sort of research that I very much like doing..

Otherwise, am making my way through a few more chapbook layouts, making a few final decisions for next years chapbook series (we are beginning to unveil next year's authors on the FB page, so keep an eye out there to see what's coming in January...).  I am also plotting how to finish the remaining zine projects for this year, and what might be coming down the pipeline in terms of creative projects for 2015. I am hoping to have the apocalypse book in the bag by the end of the year, so that leaves the motel book and some strange fragmentary beast that may be the beginnings of another book.

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