Wednesday, October 01, 2014

So long time no update and I am a bad, bad blogger, but much has been afoot in the sea beneath the blog, the current under the silence.  First there are dgp manuscripts--so many pages of poetry, that I am just beginning to get a handle on.  I've been doing second read-throughs on the maybe manuscripts and releasing other back in the wild as I go.  I've been trying to get back on schedule for this year, which I am about a month behind on, but it's slower going, with a bunch of stuff still in the layout process and others just about ready to go.  There is also much afoot in the general poetry arena..upcoming readings, features, book plans, manuscripts.   But still I get antsy about other things I want to get done, mostly in the arena of paper goods and zines, including a good restocking of things for fall.

In more frivolous pursuits, I am salving my hatred of cold weather with pumpkin donuts and new dresses, most notably this modcloth lovely, which I fell in love with immediately and bought (even though it necessitated some ramen eating at the end of the pay period, along with this skirt.)  After payday, I also procured some  new boots and tights (which I figured since I will probably wear them for the next 6 months, I might as well indulge myself.)

I am definitely ready for sweater weather, having revamped my built-in drawers and moved my soap supplies to the kitchen. Which of course, since I had more room for sweaters in the drawers, meant I had more room for boots on the closet shelves, which of course meant I had to buy some more.  I did manage to find & replace my fave black pair that I wore the soles off of last winter, and managed to get an identical pair in brown.. 

Outside of impulse control issues when it comes to retail, and some weird romantic re-emergences that will be, by necessity, shortlived, I am just trudging on through...

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