Monday, August 11, 2014

So the moon is big, big tonight and so are my ambitions for the week, including making a huge batch of books for one of our authors, finishing a couple of layout and cover designs and assembling a substantial number of orders.  But it's rather serendipitous that I also, finally, finished the moon project, which is available here if you're not a subscriber to the zine series and would like to snag one.  There are only 25 of these lovelies, so they may go pretty fast.

In the shop, we also have our new sale option, handpicked selections from our list available for a limited time and comprised of books that complement each other in some way--thematically, voice, writer commonalities.  This month we're all about mermaids...It's a perfect chance to sample a wide span of what we publish and have published in previous years.  I have all sorts of ideas for further bundles, including vispo and sci-fi and fairytales and so much more...

I am still making my way through the submissions for next year and excitedly taking on a few more mss. for early next year.  We still have many more to read and a couple more weeks left in the open reading period.  As a teaser, I will tell you that we have at least a couple of new issues from past dgp-ers, including a collab manuscript by Kristina Marie Darling and Carol Guess (plus Kelly Magee) and a new offering from Melissa Eleftherion, so that alone should tell you the awesomeness coming your way.

It is still summer, and this week looks to be a tumultuous, but mildish week, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking a little forward to fall..

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