Wednesday, August 06, 2014

In a recent interview I was doing, I was asked about the benefits of editing/running a press when it came to my own writing, and as I've been hitting the dgp submission pile and choosing the things I like, passing on the things I don't, I've been thinking how much working in a curatorial capacity has helped me articulate exactly what it is that a) I am looking to read and b) what I am looking to write. There are definitely certain sort of manuscripts, certain voices, certain tones of voice and authority that appeal to me as a reader.  They are other things that just don't do it for me.  Probably if you ask me HOW these things succeed with me and how they do not, I might not be able to tell you, but maybe moreso show you.

It's been  a busy week, though yesterday, many things seemed to thwart me in terms of poetry life (in this case my reading at Powell's, that I wasn't able to make) and the friction between poet things and  work/everyday life.  I was pissed all yesterday afternoon at certain circumstances, but I've been medicating with peach cobbler and raspberry salsa procured at the downtown farmers market yesterday. Also, with some cover designs that are under way for upcoming books.  We're in that downslide part of August now, especially with the milder, cooler, weather, where my mind start to turn to fall and back to schoolness.   I'll be taking some more time off work and making some days trips around and about and grasping that last bit of warmth before we hit labor day. 

Meanwhile, though, I am also up to my ears in library course reserves and general related busywork (pulling books and ordering things and coding my little colored coded spreadsheets) so I may be a little more silent here than usual since blog time is usually library downtime (and late August/early September is woefully bereft of downtime. )  This weekend, I am determined to get to the beach perhaps at least for a little while...

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