Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas.  The one time of year when it is completely appropriate to eat chocolates and tea for breakfast. Overall,  I had an amazingly lovely time, full of so much good food, booze, and family.  My gift haul included the aforementioned fancy tea and chocolates, but also books and delicious lotions and nail polishes.  A new cotton bathrobe and various fancy kitchenwares, plus a gift card to feed my caffeine addiction and some good alcohol. We had the usual round of places to visit on Christmas Eve, and then a big dinner and some dvd's yesterday.  There's still another holiday shindig over the weekend with some of my mother's friends, but things are winding down. Today, I've mostly been working on some press plans and making a list of supplies to order for when I get back.  I've been watching the cats freak out over the birds outside the bedroom window (closer and more numerous in number than they ever see from our third floor abode in the city).    I've been thinking about new years resolutions (to be more creative, more social, more organized.)

Next week, I plan to spend a significant chunk of time in the studio getting ready for AWP (this will probably be the biggest block of solid  time I can muster over the next few weeks since I'll be working the J-Term schedule through January and February will probably fly by.  It would be nice to head into the year organized and caught up rather than my usual last-minute chaos.  In addition to books and new titles that will be debuting, I have some crafty things all set to go (mostly things I ran out of time to finish before the open studio--flasks, jewelry, some sewing projects.)  We''re planning another event in February if things are not to chaotic pre-conference.  I am already working on gathering supplies for the first zine I'll be releasing, radio ocularia, which involves transparency paper and vellum, and contains both poems and anatomical collages.  I'll likely make a few copies available outside the subscription plan, but I'm still working on the details.

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Supervillainess said...

Merry Christmas, Kristy!!