Sunday, December 22, 2013

I have already arrived in Rockford for the holiday, and have already been to one family gathering involving too much wine and lasagna and a gift exchange in which I scored a copy of Dickinson's The Gorgeous Nothings.  The weather since I left the city (where it was actually not horrid and a little rainy) has been icy and treacherous, the trees glistening and a thick crust of ice on the snow.  I still have some shopping to do, but yesterday, we made cookies, watched bad cable christmas movies and it finally feels a little more like the holidays after the chaos of last minute-things I've been immersed in finishing up before I left.

I am hoping to get some writing done this week if I can sneak up on it, perhaps some more ghost landscapes..  It would be nice to get into a nice concentration friendly state amidst all the ribbons and wrapping paper.  I've cleared off the desk in my old room and robbed the dining room of a comfy chair and have barricaded myself in my room with tea and oranges and the cats, so we'll see how it goes.  

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