Friday, December 27, 2013

In what I like to call "holiday decompression" I get to feeling a little cagey this time of year.  Some of it may most definitely be the weather, a little cabin fever, a little bit of sadness once the sparkle of the holidays wears off and all we have left is snowy bleakness til March.  From here on in, it's all dark, long, frigid nights and less celebrations to distract one from them.  Not much is happening but sleeping cats and leftovers and even the decorations start to seem a little dull and depressing.  A little less bright and shiny.   I often wonder if one could escape the feeling simply by re-locating to another climate, and that might this week be the best time to fly to some sandy beach filled island.  (Not that once could usually afford such things right after the holidays, but it could probably be done.)  So I make do with internet distractions, netflixing horror movies with my parents (even my mother who we seem to have finally brought round to our way of thinking.)  With new dresses bought with Christmas money, with peppermint bark and deciding whether or not I want to go blonde (my natural color, or something close to it.)

Monday I'll be back in the city and working in the groove and routines that keep me sane, back to some possible outings with friends and errands to run and all the usual things that distract me from the winter nasties...

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