Monday, October 14, 2013

While I feel that slight dryness at the back of my throat that usually precedes a cold, I am just ignoring it and hoping it will go away.  There is no time for sickness, not when there is so very much that has to be done before the weekend when I head out of town. The weekend went as planned.  Saturday. most of the day in the studio, printing covers and hating the Epson, which has gotten even worse in it's jamming behavior (the HP and it's booklet issues we won't even talk's pretty much good only for it's scanner/copier and basic printing).  So I ordered a new Epson (same model, new printer), which will render me broker than usual this week, but I'll survive and be able to work faster.  I've been struggling through since May when I replaced Frankenprinter, but this one has a sticky duplexer. I'm so tired of printer issues and technological mishaps and the things which foil me at every turn.

Nevertheless, I made some progress on covers (and hopefully the insides will follow this week.)  I am working through a couple other titles just about ready for release as well.)  Sunday, I made more soup and bought groceries for the week, hemmed a dress (though sometimes I think I do better by hand than on the machine.), cleaned the apartment, played with the cats (Zelda is getting bigger and crazier all the time.)  All I really managed to accomplish in the evening was finishing off the latest season of Supernatural on Netflix.  Not much creative work, but I still blame order muppet mode.  The net that holds everything so tightly in place doesn't allow for much freedom or imagination.  I seem to be able to be both extremely productive and extremely creative, but rarely these two things at the same time.

Today, however, I am wearing the violet dress and feeling rather out of control, so there may be some poems in me yet...

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