Tuesday, October 15, 2013

dgp news and notes

New releases this week include Lisa Cole's sophomore chap with dgp, The Bodyscape, and Nissa Holtkamp's minima and maxima (incidently, I'll be reading with Nissa at Revolution Brewery Thursday night if you happen to be in the Chicago area this week).  We also have new books from Andrea Spofford, (Everything Combustible) and a dance experiment inspired series from Kristin Fitzsimmons titled all these bone bowls.  We are at the height of our catch-up before the year is over, so we'll be releasing books at a pretty steady clip the remainder of the year, so there will be more new releases this coming week and next. We will be getting a new printer as well (well, another new printer) and we will probably wear the poor thing out by Christmas if all goes well.

We are also having one of our seasonal sales, 3 books for a mere $10, which is more than 50 percent off the regular price and a good opportunity to stock up on your favorite authors.  The funds will also go toward helping fund our trip to AWP in 2014.  We've already been making travel plans and setting up some book signings at our table (we'll be joined by Nicole Steinberg, Sophia Kartsonis, and Yu-Han Chao, all of whom will have second books hot off the presses after the new year.)

wicked alice is once again on a roll and updating regularly after our mini-hiatus.  Rumor has it, we'll be doing some mini reviews and books to watch out for lists very soon, so look for those.  Meanwhile, we have new poems up from Andrea Quinlan, Jillian Mukavetz and J. Gay, and amazing flash fiction from Audrey Colombe.

We are  also making our way through the very last of the submissions from the summer open reading period and getting started on the submissions for the typewriter anthology.  (check out announcements regarding upcoming authors at our facebook page or on twitter.)  It's really settled into fall around here and we're excited about all that will be happening in 2014.

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