Friday, October 11, 2013

It feels like I've been working straight for two weeks without a break, and yes, dear reader, I guess I actually have, but I'm also studio-bound at least tomorrow to finish up some things, so I am planning on being lazy on Sunday (which of course means that I plan to do some writing then, since that's as close as I get to downtime these days).  I also stumbled upon some lip balm base I hadn't even opened and think I may make a batch of that (I'm planning to do a bunch more soap and candle making, both for gifts and for the shop/open studio in November.)

Tonight, there are some beercade hijinks afoot for a friend's birthday, so who knows how late my day may start tomorrow, but I intend to get  the author copies on their way for this week's new releases and have a few books wrapping up and almost ready.  I am on a mission to actually be on schedule by year's end, which is always a noble undertaking, but rarely happens. Aready there are a couple book designs underway for early 2014 titles, not to mention more AWP planning happenings, reading for the typewriter anthology project, and the last of the submissions to wade through.

This week brings readings and work lunches and the usual pre-vacation panic mode. Next weekend, I am off to Rockford for some fall respite and party preparations, which has been promised to be rife with fall festivities and apple orchards and home-cooked meals. Since we are forgoing our usual Detroit trip this year, Halloween celebrating is still up in the air, but I do have a couple costume ideas should some plans materialize.  More soon on that..

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