Sunday, October 06, 2013

So far, it's been a Sunday morning of delightful discoveries...a book with an amazingly lovely cover in the return drop called The Collector by John Fowles, "hailed as the first modern psychological thriller" according to the back cover and which sounds right up my alley.  Glorious weather, sunny and cool and clear after a couple rainy, muggy, schizophrenic days.  The discovery that the Trib has apparently been publishing little fiction supplements as chapbooks (someone dumped a bunch on the free table).  Also, the discovery that Zelda apparently thinks she's a mermaid and has decided that frolicking in the bathtub is a fun and not terrifying thing. The other cats, however, were horrified at the sight.

I've been destined for my last library shift this weekend, , but it's a little more bearable and less tedious than usual..  Yesterday, we were testing some games for a future library-sponsored game night, so the day went much faster. Today, I am determined to get through the end of the submissions and wind up some more layouts.  Even though I was headed downtown, I managed to indulge my new Sunday routine which involves a stop for cafĂ© au lait and an almond croissant from Metropolis ( the first I've found that even approaches the ones they used to sell at my lost, beloved Rain Dog cafe.)  So I am caffeinated, sugared up, and ready to work (well, as soon as I stop wasting time on this blog.)

There are some more writerly bits, though, including this feature at Omniverse about Noctuary  Press, which includes an audio file at the end of me reading briefly from the shared properties of water and stars. (I now have a microphone, which I didn't, so I might get to be annoying with the number of recordings in the future.  I am also trying to figure out how to make book trailers.)  Also a review of that book at Poet Hound and one of the I*HATE*YOU*JAMES *FRANCO pieces in amongst some awesome offerings of Poetry Crush's feature on celebrity crushes. 

I am also planning this week to upload a pdf version of my archer avenue chap just in time for Halloween, which has been out of print for a long while (there were only 50 of them originally and most were just given away/ traded with other poets).. It's one of my favorite projects as far as process--all ghosties and chicago history bits. As me and a co-worker at the library have been working on a exhibition about creative research, I've been remembering how much fun I had working on those poems back in the fall of 2005--the researching, the ghost tours, the fun of not only immersing oneself in legend and folklore, but in some ways, through art, making it and adding to it. girl show was similar in it's research, and I've always loved that element of what I do.  I'd have made a poor academic since the part I loved was the research part and not the dog and pony show of writing it up into a boring essay.(and yes, even with graduate degrees during which I wrote a lifetime's worth of essays, I pretty much hated every second of it.)

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