Monday, October 28, 2013

I am oft convinced, that if I am unable to make a decision for myself, fate will usually step in and make it for me.  In this case, the home laptop I have been waffling over whether to purchase has been sped up by the studio laptop's apparent demise (she lasted a good long 6 years in my possession and was actually older and refurbed when I got her.)  This means I have no choice and had to order a new one as soon I as I got to a computer today at work.  I should have a nice little Acer Chromebook sometime this week.(I still have to either buy a Netbook for home or a regular PC for the studio, but I still have some more time before I can afford to buy either.)

 This means chap printing is out of commission for a couple days, but I still have a load of books printed and not yet assembled that I finished up before I left town (author copies of the last couple of releases), so I can still finish those.  It is especially pissing me off since I just got the new Epson before I left town and planned to dive back into work at the studio tomorrow morning.  Still, even with no computer access outside the library, there is much to do--blurbs to write for past authors with new full-lengths, wicked alice submissions to read, new content to queue up for the next week or so. . Also,  new book to release (Eireann Lorsung's Sweetbriar which I still plan to start printing Friday,) and the final decisions on the 2014 series, of which decisions are proving more difficult than I'd hoped.  I'm still aiming to have all responses out by November 1st, so if you haven't heard from me, you will be shortly. 

The party went off splendidly yesterday afternoon, and the weekend was, as always filled with way too much food and a considerable amount of alcohol. I am back at the library and still knee deep in chaos that always comes with a week away--e-mails to answer, things piled on my desk to deal with.  I am hoping to make a path through it and turn to some press work later after the dust settles.

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