Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amidst the pre-vacation chaos, there is a little space to breathe and thus a little time to blog. I don't tend to it well enough (the blog), or often enough, but there are so many things this is probably true of.  Good things happening in real space, including amazing apple pie from the Hilton next door  with cinnamon sprinkled ice cream.  The other night, listening to some 20 years olds talk excitedly about Anna Karenina (granted there is a recent movie but apparently all is not lost on/with these millennials.)  I have never been a Tolstoy fan (not the Russians in general, but Chekhov is another story altogether)  But it's a good sign that we are not doomed.  I have more and more moments where I feel very old indeed, and perhaps I am, which is very odd considering how mentally, I feel stuck somewhere in my mid-twenties (which is probably why I make such disastrous choices like dating people ACTUALLY in their mid-twenties.  Or worse, mid-twenty-somethings that have serious alcohol problems and post-college career issues..)

But onward and upward. It's dropped into the fifties this week, which means thicker sweaters and knee socks and maybe some boot wearing.  I kind of like the dreary days (though I will be sick of them by the end of this month.) It makes me crave apple and pumpkin-related things--pie and cobblers and donuts (which I should be partaking in at some point next week.)  It makes me want to roll around in a pile of leaves (probably unwise, due to dampness & mold.)  It makes me want to read and write VERY SERIOUS THINGS with a lot of seriousness.

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