Thursday, October 17, 2013

I am spending some time this afternoon determining what to read for tonight, and have decided that I'll probably go with some shared properties... segments, some apocalypse poems, and end with some from IHATEYOUJAMESFRANCO . I'd initially though I might trot out some girl show pieces, but I'm feeling in a sillier, less "serious"  mood (and no doubt as soon as it's out, I'll probably be reading mostly from that for a while.)

So far today, there has been dreariness, rain, and a morning hard to pull myself from the cozy bed. But there has also been some hazelnut hot chocolate and some Panera soup, so I'm full and happy, and though I'm technically working, I'm not really getting anything done. Tonight, the brewery reading, and then probably home to bed early since I want to get some serious studio time in the morning before I have to go to work, then I leave for Rockford tomorrow night.

 Me and my sister have been working on some surprises afoot for the anniversary party, including a 1973 mix CD as a take home favor (luckily my mother never reads my blog).  Granted 1973--not a great year for music (and my mother's taste falls a bit on the cheesier side anyway) but it ain't half bad (there is also a longer, broader, more rock laden mix for during the party itself.) 

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