Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So midweek, and my days thus far have been filled mostly with book assembly in the studio and plotting of future projects, including a rather awesome library related exhibit/venture afoot dealing with finished work and creative bibliographies (the rest of my time there has been devoted to reserve usage and departmental stats, so I take my fun where I can get it.)

 Once again, I find I put forth my best efforts Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday slips into mad scramble and slacking off.  I do have several galleys out to authors and a couple covers underway (see above, the illustration we'll be using for Katie Berger's Time Travel:  Theory and Practice.)  I should be releasing a new group of chaps starting later in the week.  Lately dgp releases seem to happening in spurts, and we've fallen a month or so behind schedule, which is, by no means as bad as we have past years, but there are still some stragglers I'd like to get under wraps.  wicked alice has also re-emerged after a brief summer hibernation, and I already have work lined up for the next two months and much in the inbox waiting to be read.

Otherwise, my week has been more chapbook submissions, trashy teen novels (courtesy of a free bookstore abandoned proof copy), some more rarified and serious reading, but sadly no actual writing, which I hope to get cracking on over the weekend. 

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