Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today is that point in the month, in every month, where I suddenly look at a calendar and realize it is half over.  That we are almost bridging into October and from then, it is a short brisk ride downhill into winter.  Or maybe it's less riding and more flailing uncontrollably.  Nevertheless, I started thinking earlier today about things I need to start planning in terms of holiday shop offerings.  Christmas is much less crazy since we left etsy behind, but there is a an uptick in sales of non-book items and the awesome insanity that is the holiday open studio.  And then, AWP not far behind, which means I will have to start early on beefing up general book inventory as well (plus wrapping up some other projects--a couple of my own art/text things, the typewriter anthology, a bunch of early 2014 titles I'd like to have available).

But for now, I am just trying to get a little bit done each day..orders printed and assembled, things finalized and laid out, covers designed.  I have to put in another ink and cardstock order over the weekend, and have some neighborhood art festival plans Sunday, but otherwise, I plan on getting to some writing.  I feel closed off from it and like a need a chisel to pry the lid back open on the ghost landscape pieces.I'm getting that antsy, testy, disconnected feeling when I put off my own projects too long because of other things--editing, work, day to day trivia.  It's no good and eventually I start freaking out...

The news is that girl show is ever more nigh..the pre-sale is still going on for a few more weeks and the book should be out mid-month or so.  Since I turned in the final proofs a while back, I've barely looked at it (mostly an attempt not to be sick to death of it around the time I have to start reading from it.)  I also had the good news that the shared properties of water and stars sold out it's first run in the first month  (I'm ridiculously grateful that so many people bought a copy and that Noctuary does such an awesome job of getting it out in the world.).

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