Tuesday, September 03, 2013

radio silence

Since my laptop at home had a rather unfortunate run-in with bath gel in my tote bag on the way back from Mississippi, it's been on the slow and steady decline every since, so I found myself rendered computer-less over the bulk of the weekend, which was nice in terms of productivity (how else do I explain color coding my drawer of cardigans). 

While I can no doubt entertain myself with Netflix via the Roku box and an apartment full of books and reading material, what I missed most was not being able to tell everyone whenever something interesting/funny happened.  Like how I was convinced that there was a badly behaving (but adorable) demon child on the bus who I'm convinced made it break down on LSD, or that because of that,  I walked a couple block through the park to the Sheridan bus, and past the most heavenly smelling garden just south of the Nature Museum. 

Or that I actually spent Sunday morning eating s'mores for breakfast and paging through old stacks of décor porn (Elle Décor, Real Simple, Domino).  Or how excited I still get right before school starts even though I haven't been in class for years, plotting out my first day outfit (my new awesome green wrap dress, ivory sweater) contemplating a new sketch book, perhaps some new gel pens, some watercolor paper.

Nevertheless, I survived and will probably get a new laptop in the next few weeks (it might be later rather than sooner since I'm having duplex printer problems with my Epson and kicked in for a new b&w HP for the studio to do text blocks.) I'd much rather deal with a laptopless apartment (or haul the studio one home) than deal with only being able to print 20 books before it starts sticking...

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