Monday, September 16, 2013

So it's been a longer time away than expected, due to all sorts of things, not only broken laptops and press business, but also the worst allergy onset and about three miserable days early last week.  While I was  gone, Zelda happened (see above) so I am now back at cat capacity (like we all knew that wasn't going to happen sooner than later.)  But there were also other things...the start of the semester, a cool down in weather, poems in journals, a good review of my latest, new fall clothes, a tiny green finch rescued from the sidewalk.    
Otherwise, it was a quiet end to an otherwise quiet weekend, lots of rain, cinnamon rolls, some homemade soup, and some horror movie watching. (This is my one of my last quiet weekends since I'm working all of next and October is going to be a bear.)

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