Sunday, August 25, 2013

I hereby declare this very last week of technical summer (well at least according to the meterologic calendar and the college's academic calendar) to be one of ice cream and sundresses and beach going.  Of trashy novel reading and eating everything outside on patios.  Of eyeing fall suspiciously and burying my head in the sand.


Last week was a busy one though, spent battling new internet installation in the studio, making a gazillion chapbooks (or so it seemed), and just a general sense of frenzy.  But there were delights, including copies of the shared properties of water and stars arriving at my door all slender and blue and wonderful, as well as collage making (there's a sneak peak below at one of them from the new series, strange machine) Friday also included a visit to the Chicago History museum for a work field trip and then a pretty damned good monte cristo at the pancake house across the street.

These last few gloriously weathered days seem wonderful, but even though September is pretty mild and probably my second favorite month of the year after May, it' still rather bittersweet.  Already the trees are tinged a little with yellow and some are surreptitiously dropping a leaf every now and then. 

But I am more or les ready for autumn with all sort of plans and projects and new sweaters and shoes.  Bring it on...

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