Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So it's been a week filled with road trips, boat rides, sandy beaches, camp fires, adorable dogs, a little too much wine sometimes, and some thorough antique store browsing.  The woods up there in northern Wisconsin are lovely, though,  the nights filled with stars, and the daytime sky clear and adrift with huge flat bottomed clouds.   I managed to come back with some vintage postcards, and old Brownie camera and a jar of raspberry salsa from the tiny Tomahawk farmer's market.  I also managed to come back with only three mosquito bites and a tiny bit of sunburn. 

It's back to the real world Friday though since I have some work to do in the studio and a bbq in the city on Saturday.  It feels like the summer is winding down (especially since it felt more like September than anything else up north)...Soon I'll get cravings for back to school shopping and cooler happens every year..

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