Saturday, August 17, 2013


My longer prose project, the shared properties of water and stars, has apparently arrived back from the printers in top form and will soon be available from Noctuary Press.  It's somewhat a novella in prose fragments/word problems and a sort of a braided narrative  of suburban unrest from three different  points of view.  (You can see a sampling at the bottom of this interview with Noctuary's editor, Kristina Marie Darling.)   Outside of beautiful sinister, which is only about half as long, this was sort of my first attempt at a full-length prose project, something I am working more with now and much less with verse (the  recent lunarium, apocalypse theory, radio ocularia, and ghost landscapes projects are all prose or at least prose poems.)

 It's probably inevitable, since my initial impulses were fiction-oriented and narrative driven when I was in college.  the fever almanac was probably the last project that was poetry entirely.  There are a lot of prose pieces littered throughout the individual series that make up in the bird museum, as well as a few prose poems stuck amidst the verse in girl show.  havoc and shipwrecks of lake michigan were mixed at  about 50 percent prose, and were followed by this project and the epistolary james franco series. A couple future things that are floating in my head are definitely leaning toward prose, though some verse might sneak it's way into them.

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