Monday, August 05, 2013

dgp news & notes

*Tis the week for second-time-around authors, with new books by Erika Lutzner, Leah Browning, and Eva Schlesinger set to make their debut.  A few year's back (early 2010) we published Leah's Picking Cherries in Espanola Valley and Eva's View From My Banilla Vanilla Villa right around the same time, so it's fitting they are debuting in the same week this time around. Both books feature amazeballs cover art,   Schlesinger's own collage  and Browning's work courtesy of her sister, Sarah Browning (who also provided the work for her last chap.)  This week is all about synergy since Lutzner's book, which follows on the tail of her earlier dgp release, Invisible Girls, features artwork from Sarah Lefsyk, an artist and poet whose book we are just beginning to lay out. (she also provided the artwork for J. Hope Stein's' [Talking Doll] last year.)  Look for Lefsyk's book, as well as new titles from Kerri French and Kate Falvey in the coming weeks.


*We are currently at work plotting our next anthology project , [carrage return], which will be taking submissions through the early fall and will hopefully debut at AWP.  I am always excited by multi-author projects and would like to do even more of them in the future.  While we're still in a holding pattern indefinitely on the tarot project (it was a little more involved financially and design/logistical wise than we'd anticipated) billet deux on the other hand was an enormous success.  I'm especially intrigued by the idea of more epistolary projects on the horizon...


* We've also been tossing around the idea of making select backlist titles available in some sort of free electronic form.  This would most likely be books older than five years old, and would depend largely on whether the individual authors would be game. This would especially be cool for limited edition more 3-D projects like at the hotel andromeda and billet-deux that are only available on a limited basis.  I'm interested in keeping every thing in print, even our extensive backlist dating to 2004, but it also might be cool to offer free pdfs as well to our readers.

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