Thursday, August 22, 2013

dgp news & notes

New this week are Sara Lefsyk's the christ hairnet fish library and Kerri French's Instruments of Summer (which is, for all you music fans, a series of poems inspired by Amy Winehouse).  It always amazes me when I think about the diversity of books we get to publish in terms of subject matter and style, from Eva Schlesinger's recent book of quirky rhyming word-play poems to Nikia Chaney's more langpo inspired word experimentations to Leah Browning and Lois Marie Harrod's more traditionally lyric-driven pieces  (and that's just in the last few weeks.)  

A reminder that the dgp series is still taking submissions until August 31st, at which point we will close for the next year and solidify our 2014 schedule. Already, we are set to publish so many excellent books and I still have another 100 or so books in the submission queue.  We are also still reading for [carriage return] through September, so send us your work.

I've been working on some cover ideas for upcoming books from Carrie Etter and Lisa Cole's second chap with us, and am about to start layout on books from Katie Berger and Amber Nelson.  We also getting ready for our annual fall Open Studio the second Friday in September (we are aiming to do one every season, including our larger winter event.)  I have to do a bit of restocking since our inventory of both books and non book things usually dwindles a little over the summer when we are tending to submissions and other summer tasks, but we''ll be back in force with all sorts of art, prints, paper goods and accessories next month.

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