Monday, March 04, 2013

Today, had an excellent time reading at Harold Washington College in a room where the lake/ rooftop view from the 11th floor was probably far more gorgeous than my poems, but it was a good reading.  I also got to talk a little about the dgp mission and and women's voices (it was actually a reading to kick off their Women's History Month events.)  Of course, I forgot the newest poems I intended to read Saturday in the studio, so I read a few from havoc, some of the mermaid poems, and ended with some James Franco action.

 But I've pretty much otherwise been rather unproductive all afternoon, bracing myself for another bout of bad weather with Cadbury caramel eggs and wishing for spring.  I'm tired of snowboots and frozen fingers and too many layers of clothes.  Of closed windows and hot, dry air.  I'm tired of the frozen over lake and sidewalks and freezing at bus stops. I really need an early-ish spring, so bring it on.