Friday, March 01, 2013


Of course, it being payday, I tend to make wild and frivolous purchases (or do things like drop 60 bucks in a bar on giant margaritas and mexican food).  This time, however, it's been dresses.  Adorable print dresses from a store that damnedly keeps sending me discount coupons and I just can't stay away.  I've bought a couple from them before, a simple black more summery one obtained in the fall that I've yet to really get a chance to wear and, one of my favorites, a brown candy colored poladot shirt dress I wear all the time.  This time, it was tiny rabbits and horses that undid me. Mind you this is in addition to the few pieces I've been picking up (mostly on ebay at discount) for springtime anyway.  I tend to have a lot of wintery sweater dresses, lots of black & grey & fallish colored things, lots of sundresses and summery patterns, but very little springish feeling wearables--colors like lavender or pale yellow, or to my own horror, not enough pink. I am more than ready for warm weather, now if it would only actually get here. 

I'm also thinking I would love to wear the rabbit dress for whatever sort of release shindig I do for the shared properties of water and stars in April or May (there are rabbits and just luckily for my wallet, they did not have a dress with bears.)  In other reading news, I will be joining dgp-ers Sarah Tracey and Sacha Siskonen on Monday for a lunchtime reading at Harold Washington College. I think I'll read some havoc poems and some of the very newest prose series I've been doing. So if you like poems about homewrecking and apocalypse theories, you should come.

Otherwise, I am in for some studio time tonight, making up copies of a book to make its debut in time for AWP (Sarah Cook's a meadowed king),  printing copies of Cati Porter's latest, The Way Things Move the Dark  (check out this amazing cover design courtesy of Amy Payne) and some other art related miscellany.  It's the weekend though, so I am planning on some more work on the new writing project, installing some closet hooks (for my cardigan situation that is beginning to rival the dress one and we won't even talk about shoes), and maybe making some soup if winter is just going to keep persisting like this. 

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