Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is having a rough, albeit semi-productive day after a rather sleepless night (certain fun but persistent bedtime companions (not the cats) snore a bit too much when they stay over.) Nevertheless, I was up early and in the studio to make some promo copies of a new release, to scan and manipulate an upcoming cover, and get some orders in their envelopes.  I need more week in my week, though. Another day or two to get done all I would like before Friday rolls along.  I'm looking at another Saturday making some books (which is actually fine since as soon as I  get home, laziness seems to seep through me like a sponge.) As such,  I've been vascillating today between tiny highs (yay! my fave soda in a vending machine!  yay! my pretty new bag arrived!) to general crankiness (You over there!  STFU right now before I hurl a stapler at your head...)

But instead I will post more pictures of pretty things, in this case, some small decoated tins I made up in December for ths shop and am just now getting ready to post.  They are just little desk tins with a pretty bird collage and filled with some paperclips and binderclips, but oh so adorable.  If they've captured your fancy, you can get your very own, here...

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