Monday, February 11, 2013

So the week has begun with more collages and amazing middle eastern food and journal acceptances and lots of poetry writing afoot (including a piece for radio ocularia, which had fallen stubbornly silent lately) But I do adore this little circle series and plan to make some prints for the shop very soon, and maybe some new notecards and such. I am also itching to make some journals to try out my Zutter Bind it All which has been languishing since Christmas. And more hairclips, and headbands, and earrings, oh my (so many plans and so little time to get them finished --or in some cases, started.)

In book news, I've been working on some covers for the next round of titles, and there are three others just about set to release in the next week or so. Since we are for the most part caught up in the schedule, the more swiftly we keep up, the more room we have to squeeze some additional books late in the year when we open again to submissions over the summer, which is a good thing. So I am holding steadily to the rails and making great progress. I am also spending 1-2 additional hours in the studio as such, which means some early mornings, but so far, so good.

Today was cold blustery day that shook the studio windows and has now left the grassy areas with standing water a glassy sheet of ice. In it's blusteriness, however, it felt a little like spring, so I am willing to hold on like a kite string, even if it's a very small thing.

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