Thursday, February 14, 2013

So tonight, I am writing more landscape poems, which seem to be flowing quite nicely. (You can see some over here at Projectile that just hit the interwebs yesterday.) mind you, I am supposed to be writing more radio ocularia things, but the landscape poems just keep showing up at my door instead. But nevertheless I am writing regularly, which is a rare gift indeed. Otherwise, I am running final proofs on chaps (books by Caylin Capra-Thomas, Sasha Siskonen, and Edward Smallfield & Valerie Coulton) updating wicked alice a bit more regularly, reading through submissions there, and in general, trying to keep systematic tags on my productivity and to do list. There are few final household things to finish up this weekend, as well as an annual winter v-day zoo trip to partake in, dinner with my parents, and then maybe some other crafty things things to get to on Sunday.
Incidentally, in book design news, I've noticed the covers I've been designing are brighter, and maybe it's just a longing for summer, but I'm also liking horizontal lines (maybe as an antidote to all of those circles.)

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