Thursday, February 07, 2013

The days continue to be wintry and grey, but I have my productivity down to a system, which seems to be yielding favorable results. Sometimes I feel like routine is this net that is holding everything all messily together. If it breaks, I am up shit creek. But still, we are moving into February, which means spring is this tiny glimmer just barely over the horizon and I have been writing full throttle on a new project (having abandoned the thing I am, again, supposed to be working on.) But there are also new collages and new studio buddies (see above) and the remainder of my houselhold projects from January (my linen closet and bathroom are spotless, which leaves only the bedroom to finish up this weekend). I am hoping to finish up all this stuff and turn my attention back to some fun, crafty things before the end of the month I've been collecting supplies for over the winter.

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