Monday, February 25, 2013

This is one of those weeks that feels like plunging into an ice bath after the weekend.  The weather is warmer, but reality after a couple days away from it, is terribly harsh.  I have a wealth of books to make this week, new titles to start proofing, the radio oculari project to finish up for release sometime in March, plus some poems in the new series I'm working on that has nothing to do with anatomy and landscapes, my two pet interests the last couple of months.  It's still fledgeling though, but the components are coming fast and furious, so it's a good thing.  I've been adding some of the older originals to the shop though, as well as some other pretty, sparkly things in the next couple days (headbands!!)  I have a stray bag full of earrings, as well, that will be soon manifesting as hair pins in the coming days if time allows. 

This weekend, in addition to lounging about unfettered by reality, I made another couple of spring dress purchases and this 1940's beauty above  (gotten for a steal of only $19 )Also in the face of reality, since my overspending has rendered me eating hot pockets for lunch everyday this week instead of my occasional take-out.  But who cares if I am poor if I have beautiful things.

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