Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Today, there are hazelnut lattes and book trimming and a stack of new texts for library reserve to process and already, halfway into my day, I am tired and worn out. I am sort of unfocused and unrpoductive compared to usual Tuesdays, distracted and all sorts of wonky. If Tuesday feels like this, I fear Thursday. But am forging ahead, slowly, and determined to get the backlog of dgp titles out during October, so much good stuff, and especially since there is so much other amazing stuff coming for the 2012/2013 series. I have also been neglectful with wicked alice, which is sort of ridiculous, since I do have content queud up and waiting, but so little time to mess with formatting. I need to just get it all ready to post and then schedule it for busier times. Meanwhile, there are other mundane things I've neglected to get to, like dying my hair before the blond at the roots takes over actually drying the load of laundry I started last night before it gets smelly (for some reason the laundry room was hopping at 1am and no free dryers, so I said fuck it.)

But I'm liking this warm mild fallness right now, not quite Indian summer, but tolerable, and the trees turning yellow over in the park and the afternoon light that filters over the buildings at dusk and makes them explode in color. The sidewalks are dotted with leaves and I am on a sweater dress buying kick again and putting together my TB costume (and figuring out how to make a peacock feather fan).

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