Monday, July 02, 2012

So far, my vacation kick-off has been splendid, beginning with slightly drunken poolside boardgames in the city Friday night with friends, followed by flea market combing yesterday (though the weather had us moving rather quickly through the outdoor vendors, I did get a nice straw picnic basket/tote that will come in handy for lakeside outings.) Today, a trip to Wisconsin to hit up the Swiss Colony outlet for chocolates and cheese and a really good liquor store in Monroe that offers all sorts of mix & match microbrews. Since it's sort of ridiculously hot, I've spent more time indoors than I'd like, however, and hope at least the humidity wears off later in the week for some more outdoorsy related fun.

I had planned to have the new format launched for wicked alice before I left, but it looks like it won't be happening till I get back next week. There are also some new books that will be dropping later in the week. Stay tuned....

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