Thursday, June 28, 2012

Like with any forthcoming stretch of time off, this week has been mired in a frenzy to get things done before I head out of town. A wonky printer and lack of sufficient time doesn't help the situation. I'll be in Rockford next week, partaking in much summer-fun activities like mini-roadtrips, picnics, flea market expeditions, and summer cocktail imbibing . But getting there has been the hardest part, finishing up author copies and layouts and all sorts of projects that need to be wrapped before I go. Due to my technology fail, it looks like I may be taking some press accoutrements with me to finish there as much as I can. Not really a vacation, per se, but at least there wont be this constant rushing from work to studio to home and then back to work again.

Otherwise, I have been partaking in buying some new summer dresses and assorted frilly unmentionables. (I've been trying to lower my daily budget on things like meals and coffee to save for fun things like clothes, books, and boozey nights out.) Though, Max will be getting a trip to the vet and coming back with a little less in the reproductive arena while we're in Rockford, so I can't go too crazy spending money (plus I had to buy a backup printer that will be my main printer until the mystery of the bad paper feeding is solved with the Epson.) I also had to buy a new guillotine trimmer after I cracked the rotary one I've been using since 2007. The new one, however, goes through chaps like butter and doesn't make my shoulder hurt when I cut to many books, so it's already a win.

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