Thursday, July 05, 2012

It's hot. The sort of apocolyptic hot where even the a/c here at my parent's house does a faulty job of keeping us cool. Last night, the yard in the outside lights were foggy like a sauna and the moon was huge and orange and possibly on fire. We spent the day outside at my aunts, the usual chicken and potato salad and margarita based fun. When I was a kid, there was still a pool, which would have definitely come in handy on days like this. Today, I'll be spending inside drinking iced tea, eating leftovers, and making some books now that the printer has arrived. Right now, my old room is filled with stack of covers and envelopes and trimmers. Tomorrow, some outdoor party fun with my cousins, another couple days here, and then heading back to the city on Monday. I'll have another couple weeks of real vacation in August, though, in which I intend to do nothing but take a weekend jaunt to Wisconsin and maybe some writing. But then again, doing nothing at all sounds so very tempting.

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