Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 bad habits I am in the process of kicking

getting involved in lukewarm relationships that are more about habit and familiarity than affection.

regular soda, which you realize you are far too addicted to when you wake up to 6 empty cans of Dr. Pepper you do not remember drinking lined up on the desk.

developing sad and hopeless crushes on friends and co-workers.

that moment where you are faced with too much to do that you can't possibly fit into the time allowed and so instead wind up surfing the net or hanging out on facebook instead of actually accomplishing anything.

drinking too much and too expensively in bars, not because you are really having fun, which is good and fair reason to get sloshed , but because you are trying to forget about abovementioned hopeless crushes while they talk about their current relationships, which are, alas, not with you.

Coming home and throwing clothes on the bedroom floor, over chairs and benches and the top of the door instead of hanging them up or putting them in the hamper.

reading too much into things men say or don't say.

reading too much into what anyone says and being suspicious of motives and slightly paranoid about people trying to secretly undermind you.

spending too much money on fancy coffee during the day and delivery food at night because you are too tired to cook something.

drunk dailing / texting / emailing exes after being rejected by anyone or anything. Otherwise known as tipping over into the darkside where chaos and the Id reigns and consequences be damned.

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