Tuesday, July 10, 2012

There is the usual chaos of re-entry, the unpacking, the arranging, the trying to sort out the triage of tasks that have piled up in my absence. Yesterday was mostly a wash concentration-wise, but I am a little closer to getting wicked alice on its way (you can see my editorial entry here, and poems & such will be landing there Thursday or Friday this week). I decided to go with the tumblr format, which seems to be on the rise. It also makes it easier to follow for updates and such, reblog, etc.

I've also been working on the freebie broadside I am doing for Printers Ball, which is rushing up faster than I anticipated. the design is finished and I just need to decide on the paper stock. Otherwise, there is good news in the way of acceptances for poems and good press for the press at the Harriet Blog, which reposted a recent interview.

Tuesday are the days I've determined "Editorial Tuesdays" as opposed to "Marketing Mondays" and "Design Wednesdays" (the alliteration doesn't work for everything sadly.) Which is to say I will be delving into dgp submissions this afternoon.

Yesterday, there was such much gorgeous chicory growing alongside the backroads we were taking coming back to the city I nearly wanted my dad to stop the car to pick some. Today, I am obsessed with that blue lavender shade that borders on periwinkle.

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