Thursday, November 03, 2011

zombies, libraries, and my weird, weird head...

Horror lover that I am, I have zombie dreams quite alot, of various persuasions, some scary, some downright silly. Last night was the first time my slumbering mind combined a zombie dream with a work-related library dream and it was sort of one of those long, epic, cinematic dreams with sub plots and minor characters. It began with dolls, dolls we had somehow figured out how to animate, Barbie-like dolls that could walk and talk. Only one of them was also an angry library patron who kept yelling at me when I kept spelling her name wrong on the computer and was up to all sorts of mischief whenever we looked away, knawing her way out of her cage, slicing her way through the window screen to escape. Soon the dolls were running amuck, filming weird doll porno, biting us with their oddly sharp teeth, stabbing each other with tiny knives, reproducing with alarming frequency in tiny plastic eggs.

Every human bitten by one of these dolls would become a zombie, and by the time we called a meeting in the library to discuss the problem, only a few of the staff remained immune, gathering in a meeting room crisscrossed by railroad tracks, and for which we had to keep moving around to avoid the trains. Me and a co-worker, A, were actually more concerned about the Taco Bell we were eating getting cold than the zombies, but soon, they were busting through the door. We then decided to divide into groups to each take a floor with the intent of wiping them out. I killed a few by swinging a rotary phone at their heads, and even faced off against a batch of zombie kittens I was too chicken to kill and just stepped over. The goal was to get back downstairs when we were done, and I arrived to find no one else, but then a door opened into this weird underground room where everyone who had survived, having failed to take the zombies out, planned to build a new society.

The room, suddenly became town, a park, a public square, and we all assumed we'd be safe. But of course some dumbass had been compromised and suddenly, I was surrounded by zombies with nowhere to go. I managed to fight some of them off, then crawl behind some bushes, where one attacked me and pushed me to the ground. In the knick of time, I was saved by a truck full of survivors. Though since I was getting into the car and it was already too full, it was decided that another co-worker, K, would have to ride on a skateboard pulled by the truck to serve as a diversion or bait or sacrificial lamb something. The last scene of the dream is fleeing in the car, pulling an empty skateboard. Roll credits.

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