Monday, October 31, 2011

I realized today that I am getting ever closer to being caught up in terms of our publication schedule (well at least I am midway into the books I am supposed to release in October anyway, which is closer than usual.) At some point I am actually looking forward to being on schedule and staying there. Right now, I am looking forward to November (okay, if not looking forward to it, perhaps holding onto it as the last vestige of fall before the bleak winter.) I really don't like Mary Oliver (the blandest of the bland), but she has a poem that I always think of this time of year with these lines:

now is the season
of iron rivers,
bloody crossings,
flaring winds,
birds frozen
in their tents of weeds,

--"Wolf Moon"

Mostly I am vascillating between content and discontent and unsure, as always, which is which sometimes. This weekend was filled with some Halloween festivity drunkeness, a horror movie marathon, and a ridiculous number of snack-sized candy bars. I'd initially planned to stock up on groceries and make all sorts of soup (wild rice & mushroom, Greek lemon, baked potato) and other things (chicken & dumplings, ghoulash, chicken fried rice) and freeze them for easy meals during the week, but it didn't quite happen. I do have all (or most) of the ingredients, though, so maybe this week. I am trying to eat less of pricier takeout and pre-frozen dinnercicles to free up some money for utterly frivolous things like more sweater dresses and a new bag. We'll see how that works out. plus I have all sorts of yumminess saved at Pinterest that I am determined to try out.

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Lindsay L. said...

I came across a 2011 release from dancing girl press in Moon Milk Review's book gallery! Some Assembly Required by Susan Lewis looks like a good read: