Tuesday, November 29, 2011

wind and other ghosts

All last night and into this morning the wind was howling in from the lake, which meant I kept waking up all night and then wound up sleeping til noon and going strait to work still sort of drowsy and out of it. On the bus ride downtown, though, the water was brown and churny with fast moving, gargantuan waves that on days like this, sometimes rival the ocean itself. There was even sizeable surf in the inner harbor at Diversey.

Yesterday was basically a wash in terms of productivity, and more about getting my bearings, making a plan of attack and forging a complicated to do list with bullet points. Today, there are e-mails to be answered, books to be finalized for printing, meetings (the monthly library town hall and the paranormal kids**) that I may play hooky from anyway in favor of dealing with actual library paperwork type stuff (mangled books that need billing, invoices that need processing) that I put off till after the break, especially since I'm feeling rather non-social, non-meeting friendly today. I'm rather looking forward to installing myself at my desk with some hazelnut hot chocolate and having at it.

**a co-worker and I are faculty/staff advisors for the newish campus ghost hunting club, which we hope might provide some interesting amusements. Mind you, I'm not exactly sure I believe in ghosts (it's hard to believe in ghosts if you don't believe in an afterlife). But I do know a heck of a lot about them & other weird paranormal stuff...

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